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viva boheme

Viva Boheme: 1983-1984

Viva Boheme was published in Iowa City, Iowa, between spring of 1983 and late fall of 1984. Over the 5 issues, there was an amazing list of contributors, some of whom were established talents at the time, most of whom were like me– punk kids.

It was the heyday of hardcore punk, and there were tons of great bands criss-crossing the country. DIY was the model– bands were producing their own records and distributing tapes. Artists were screen-printing posters and shirts and putting on their own art shows. And the zines- oh god the great zines! It may seem quaint now, but in those pre-digital days the music and the zines got distributed by hand. It was an effort to get your stuff out there, and it was even tougher to find new media when you lived outside of the major cities. Zines and tapes got passed around, read over and over until they were dog-eared. Hardcore shows in basements, yards, studios and VFW halls were the venues where it all went down.

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