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OBSOLETE! Limited Edition Folio

Limited Edition Folio: Obsolete Magazine

(First 5 issues, hand-silkscreened folio by Don Rock) – SOLD OUT!

This is your only chance to buy the first five issues of OBSOLETE! Magazine- all wrapped in an amazing hand-printed folio by Austin silkscreen legend Don Rock.


Great original fiction by Mick Farren and Bart Plantenga, Poetry by Mali Delaney and Todd Colby, Artwork by Amy Digi, Will Grant, Becky Danielson, Tobey Anderson, Blair Gaunt and Don Rock and photos by Alissa Bader and Chris Schipper- all available for you to check out online for FREE.


Artist Profile: Peter Aschwanden Steve Walters, David Stein, Alissa Bader, Debra & Gary Parky, Rich Dana Interview w/ Karl Schroeder, J.D. King, Deborah Reade, Jonathan Shaw, Marina Deb Ris, Joolz Denby, Qojak, Alex the Card Weaver, Ricardo Feral, Will Grant


This issue includes an exclusive interview with Cory Doctorow! a feature article on Kal Spelletich of KalTek and an amazing list of contributing writers,  all looking at the idea of “Feral Technology”. Writers and artists include: Alissa Bader, Tim Beckett , Amy Bugbee, Shane Bugbee, Ray Cathode, MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick, W. Joe Hoppe, Wister D Lamb III, Sean Madden, “Darius “Qojak”Carr, Stephen Sweny


Tim Beckett, Mike Edison, Hyena Hell, Charlotte Jackson, Fredrica Fray, John Morton, Kelly Shriver, Chris Schipper, Ericka “Wildgirl” Dana, Blair Gauntt


City of Strangers, Chuck Miller, Lenny Zenith, Michael X. Rose, Spike Vrusho, Diana “Doc” Thomas, Bob Pfeifer, Karim Hetherington, Ricardo Obsolete, Christopher Schipper, Cheryl Ammeter, Walter Sun Chien, Bonus Story: Orion Express- Gauntt, Dana, Martin


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