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The Best of OBSOLETE! Magazine: the first two years

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Highlights from the first six issues of OBSOLETE! Magazine, along with original, never before published material. Essays, fiction, poetry and artwork from the newsprint tabloid published in the tradition of the International Times, OZ, The East Village Other, The Berkely Barb, The Chicago Seed, The Whole Earth Catalog, PUNK! and the other great underground rags of days past….


Foreword by V.  Vale – Founder of RE/Search Publications

Welcome to the Premiere Issue of OBSOLETE!

Essays and Rants

Why I blame Rush (the Band, not Limbaugh) for the Tea Party. (Bonus)

International Sensational Expose
John Morton

Apocalypse Now?
Fredrica Fray

Candu High (Bonus)
Tim Beckett

Iowa: Nowhere in Particular (Bonus)
Bart Plantenga

Embracing Illness
Rich Dana


Hard Times at Aces High
Mick Farren

Origin of the Drug Pyramid
Kelly Shriver

The Golden Pattern
J.J. Anselmi


Artist Profile: Peter Aschwanden
Rich Dana and Deborah Reade

Dumpster-Diver Gardening
Rich Dana

How To Use $180 And Social Media To Travel The Country For A Year
Amy Bugbee

Riding w/ Sweet Lady Propane
W. Joe Hoppe

The Luddite Cafe
Alex the Card Weaver

Hoodoo: Open Source Religion
Ricardo Feral


Electric Pony Light
Todd Colby

Dragon 66

Not Perfect
Joolz Denby

Monster Poem (Bonus)
W. Joe Hoppe

Packrat Confidential

Why People Love Desolate Places
Greta Anderson


Cory Doctorow: Hacking the New Bohemianism

Vince Gingery: Open Source Software

An Interview with Mick Farren (Bonus)


The Mile High City’s New Green Economy
Alissa Bader

Two Drawings

Greetings ffrom Grand Isle, LA
Gary and Deborah Parky

We Interrupt This Broadcast
Christopher Schipper

The Demolition of Yankee Stadium
Amy Digi

Contributor Bios

Contributor Bios

Alex the Card Weaver is an Autonomist Person of Color (APOC).  He works, reads, writes and travels as he can.
Greta Anderson lives on a not-so-desolate acreage outside of Ames, Iowa with her husband Mark. In recent poems she has sought to reclaim the years she had quarantined off as ones of discomfort or disease.
Tobey Anderson is a native Cedar Rapidian artist who has spent a nomadic life pursuing sanity, chasing the line, seeking out the shadows, as well as a beer or two.
JJ Anselmi is a nonfiction MFA student at CSU Fresno. His work has appeared in Writing Disorder, Jackson Hole Review, Connotation Press, and Pulp Metal Magazine.
Alissa Bader has dedicated herself to spending a lifetime hanging out with those people her mother once warned her about. Alissa also purchased her first package of bacon, ever, last May. She lives and works in Denver, Colorado
Tim Beckett grew up in western Canada, primarily Uranium City, Saskatchewan and Edmonton, Alberta. He fled to Montreal at age 19 and has lived in London and New York ever since. He has been employed as a tree-planter, TV researcher, housepainter, web developer and pretty much anything else he can get. He is working on a novel ‘Uranium City Return’ about going back to his now nearly empty hometown. He is currently managing editor of Sensitive Skin Magazine, and can be reached at www.tim-beckett.com
Amy Bugbee was born in a part of Chicagoland that was built by Al Capone. Calumet City was the original Sin City before Vegas came along. She was raised by a fireman and a librarian, so she is morbid and well read. For nearly 15 years she has been married to the biggest trouble maker in the underground, Shane Bugbee, and the two of them have been wreaking havoc ever since. She is a writer, photographer, and baker who lives on the Washington Coast with her husband, dog, and turtle.
Ray Cathode is an artist/illustrator living on the rocky coast of the great state of Maine (U.S.A.). He studied under Karl Ferdinand Braun, then later on at the Academy of Carlo Pittore. His earlier output of art was very academian; then after a tragic accident severely damaged his drawing hand, his art took on a darker quality that is cruder in execution, yet richer in meaning. He is currently hidden deep beneath the snow, in his underground studio, churning out strange images with his mighty vorpal pen.
Todd Colby has published four books of poetry: Ripsnort (1994), Cush (1995),  Riot in the Charm Factory: New and Selected Writings(2000), and Tremble & Shine (2004), all published by Soft Skull Press. Todd has performed his poetry on PBS and MTV, and his collaborative books and paintings with artist David Lantow can be seen in the Brooklyn Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art special collections libraries. Todd serves on the Board of Directors for The Poetry Project, where he has also taught several poetry workshops, and he posts new work on gleefarm.blogspot.com.
Ericka Wildgirl Dana tames, lives with and loves adult feral cats. She grows the best catnip in the world, the most unusual heirloom tomatoes she can find and rare native peach trees. She spent half of her adult life in NYC working as an artist, jewelry designer and host of Wildgirl’s Rockin’ Racing on WFMU. She’s spent the second half living on a small century farm in eastern Iowa where she’s learned to fear and loathe industrial agriculture and the nightmares it brings, but she hasn’t given in or given up. You can find “Ericka’s Iowa-Indian White Freestone” peach seeds and other projects at catnipfarm.com.
Rich Dana is a writer, a carpenter, an organic farmer and publisher of OBSOLETE! Magazine. He owns three hand-crank ditto machines, and uses them regularly.
Mali Delaney is a heretofore virtually unpublished writer who has spent her entire adult life as a working stiff.  Dreaming along the byroads and making poems of daily occurences, the dark light of observance in the regular headlamp gloom.  She has consistently refused to deal with publishers, agents, book tours and other forms of sado-masochism that comprise the writer’s path to paid perdition.  She hopes that in the pre-apocalyptic neverland there will be space for true mavericks and renegades like her heroes & herself.  “Mickey Spillane is a hero because he always mentioned how much Hammer tipped his waitresses.”  She is currently working on an interlocking series of novels, known as “the novelization-in-progress”.
Joolz Denby is a writer, poet, spoken-word performer, illustrative and fine artist, curator, photographer and tattooist. Her poetry collections include The Pride of Lions (1994), Errors of the Spirit (2000), and Pray For Us Sinners, a book of short stories and poems published in 2005. Her first novel, Stone Baby, won the 1998 Crime Writers’ Association New Crime Writer of the Year, and was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association John Creasey Memorial Dagger. Her novel, Billie Morgan (2004), was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger in the Library Award and the Orange Prize for Fiction. Her most recently published novel is Borrowed Light (2006). Read more about Joolz at: http://www.joolz-denby.co.uk/
Becky Danielson’s work can be found in private collections across the USA, Canada, Austraila, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain & South Korea. She has done several t-shirt & logo designs as well as illustrations for small publications & zines.
Amy DiGi studied at the Art Students League of New York with Mary Beth McKenzie and Joseph Peller. She received her MFA in Painting from Lehman College and her BFA in Drawing and Art/Design Education from Pratt Institute. Ms. DiGi is a United States Coast Guard Artist. She lives and works in New York City. http://amydigiart.blogspot.com/
Mick Farren is a legendary poet, musician, author, critic, activist, countercultural icon, and one of the last true gonzo journalists. As lead singer and chief anarchist of the legendary Social Deviants, Farren helped blaze the trail for the advent of punk rock. He has co-written songs for the Pink Fairies, Motorhead and Hawkwind, as well as writing over 40 books, including science fiction novels and non-fiction. Farren served as writer and editor of IT, the International Times, one of the UK’s premiere underground newspapers. Mick Farren blogs at Doc40.blogspot.com
Ricardo Feral is a cultural engineering entity working out of a super-secret compound at the edge of the “Bohemian Alps” of central Iowa. Projects include micro-farming, arcane technology, human powered machinery and underground ‘zines. Influences include the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, Robert Anton Wilson and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.
Frederica Fray, Anti-Christ guru, fashions herself in Iowa as a college philosophy professor, (specialty: philosophy of mind/brain), and believes she is descendant of the one, the only, true human, viz., Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche— the only delusion she’ll ascribe.  When she’s not screaming, “The robots are coming! The robots are coming!!” she’s probably yelling “GOD IS DEAD!” as she drives by you, or making some kind of movie to expose the follies of magical thinking.  She can be found sitting on her couch, all over YouTube and somewhere on Facebook.  Otherwise, she doesn’t exist.
Blair Gauntt is Co-creator and co-conspirator of Obsolete! Magazine. Has nothing more to say about himself.
John Gill: When John was just four years old, he got really busy drawing with pencils, crayons and any other sort of writing utensils he could get his mitts on. As a tween and young teenager, he submitted hot rod and drag racing renderings to various publications, and found himself getting published. After High School, John enrolled at the Newark School of Fine & Industrial Art. It was there where he met his now longtime partner and Big Stick band mate Yanna Trance. John and Yanna’s BIG STICK musical venture took off, and received the majority of their attention, time, and efforts. Their music wound up in the late, great BBC-Radio DJ John Peel’s famous “Record Box”, a box that holds around a hundred of Peel’s favorite records that he wanted to save in the event of his house catching fire. Out of the tens of thousands of records in John Peel’s personal at-home collection, Big Stick was among his most treasured. John and Yanna’s website: big-stick.org
Hyena Hell is a printmaker, illustrator and comic book artist currently residing in the capitol of self destruction, geographically located in New Orleans. She is currently imprisoned as a paper mache artist in a giant sweat shop making Mardi Gras floats. In her spare time she enjoys chasing people out of bars with her obnoxious juke box selections, drunkenly wrecking her bike, and yelling belligerently at inanimate objects. She can be tracked down on facebook, where you might work out a deal to purchase some of her snake oil.
W. Joe Hoppe grew up the rust belt city of Jackson, Michigan but has lived in Austin, TX for the last twenty years with artist Polly Monear and their son Max. He has published one book-length collection of poetry, _Galvanized_ (www.daltonpublishing.com). Along with teaching English and Creative Writing at Austin Community College, he enjoys writing and wrenching on old Mopars. W. Joe’s 1971 Dodge Truck runs on sweet lady propane–hopefully you’ll read all about that in a future issue of OBSOLETE!
klipschutz is the pen name of Kurt Lipschutz of San Francisco, whose most recent collection is Twilight of the Male Ego. He has recently completed the genre-bending worlds linger. Poems have appeared in Poetry (of Chicago), Ambit (U.K.) and The Shop (Ireland), and zines (notably Lee Thorn’s FUCK!), as well as anthologies, including The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. His journalism includes a monograph on Bill Knott, and a comprehensive two-part interview with Carl Rakosi. He is the co-writer of Chuck Prophet’s critically acclaimed 2012 release Temple Beautiful. His next collection, This Drawn and Quartered Moon will be released by Anvil Press (Vancouver, B.C.) in Spring 2013.
Wister D Lamb III is a (photoshop) stooge for the media priests. Living in North Houston, TX, Working in high fashion and low advertising in NY for 19 years, he has recently escaped into the realm of achieving feral otherness with his personal friends profile pics on FaceBook. His piece is from a series of about 200 people he actually knows personally.  The ongoing feud with his own personal demons has accrued into other psych-oriented works  viewable at GenericPlacebo.com.
P. S. Monear grew up in Cedar Rapids, IA and has lived in Austin, TX since 1989. She is an artist, a rabble-rouser, and a proud member of the Industrial Workers of the World.
John Morton was born in Cleveland Ohio sometime. He started the nascent [proto][proto] punk band the electric eels in 1972. As a visual artist Morton has exhibited world wide including Havana Cuba and MOMA in NYC. His current band is the “Dunking Swine of Chelsea.”
Gary & Debra Parky reside in New Orleans. According to Gary, “Every now and then we do something interesting, like the time we had a band that played obscure R&B and Rock & Roll from the late 50s & early 60s, complete with go-go dancers.  We called ourselves the SophistiCats and the SophistiKittens, and we released 2 full length CDs and did a lot of cool gigs.  Another time we opened up a store on Magazine St called Sputnik Ranch that sold stuff like Western Wear, cowboy boots, designer vinyl toys, lowbrow art and other fun stuff.  That was pretty crazy!  Sometimes we even ride around the French Quarter on vintage 1950s bikes dressed up like cowboys with our friends.  We also like to drive around our neck of the woods and take photos of cool stuff that we’re afraid won’t be around too long.  Unfortunately, we’re often right about our choices.
Bart Plantenga is also the author of Wiggling Wishbone and Spermatagonia: The Isle of Man. His book YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World received worldwide attention. He is working on a new novel, Paris Sex Tete and a new book on yodeling Yodel in HiFi. His radio show Wreck This Mess has been on the air on WFMU [NY], Radio Libertaire [Paris], Radio 100 and currently Radio Patapoe [Amsterdam] since 1986. He lives in Amsterdam.
“Darius “Qojak” Carr is an artist living in Tama, Iowa. Darius makes art, tattoos and takes photographs when he is not trying to make a living working at the casino on the Meskwaki settlement. Look for more of Qojak’s work in our next issue- until then check him out at: www.qojak.com
Deborah Reade is a graphic artist who has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1980. She first met Peter Aschwanden when she drove up to John Muir Publications in her yellow VW bus to apply for a job as an assistant illustrator and typesetter on the Honda Book. More than thirty years later she and Peter’s two children still live in Santa Fe where they run Flathead Graphix, promoting Peter’s illustrations on T-shirts and posters at PeterAschwanden.com. Deborah also runs her own graphics business, Deborah Reade Design, where she designs maps, websites and archaeological illustrations. Her work can be seen at DeborahReadeDesign.com.
Don Rock– Expelled from art school at a young age, Don Rock has been screen-printing anything that will stand still since 1980.
Chris Schipper is a godless heathen living in deeply conservative Jeeeeeezus land, in the geographically stunning Four Corners region of New Mexico, where some of the more visible residents are gun nuts who drive massive monster truck vehicles. Chris was born and raised in Eastern Iowa, and counts Cedar Rapids and Iowa City among his past homes. Chris moved to NM in 2006 with his partner of then nine years, and with Emma the cat. In 2009, he and partner traveled back to progressive Iowa to be married (Emma stayed in NM). The couple now also shares their home with kitties Buster, and Max. Chris is the director of the library at San Juan College – a position he’s officially held for more than a year. Chris enjoys hiking, photography, gardening, and frequent trips to also enjoy more urban amenities.
Kelly Shriver lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her short fiction has appeared online in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Pindeldyboz, Juked, and 3:AM Magazine. She also co-edits Bound Off, a monthly literary audio magazine available for free at boundoff.com and iTunes. Read more of her stories at kellyshriver.com.