Obsolete Press

AnarchoSF: Science Fiction and the Stateless Society

AnarchoSF v.1 is the first in a series of Obsolete Publications to explore the themes of anarchy, anarchism and the stateless society through the work of science fiction writers and artists, both contemporary and classic.

The collection is edited by Obsolete Publisher Rich Dana and includes recent work by Tobey Anderson, Davi Barker, Ben Beck, FJ Bergman, Chris Bird, Ricardo Feral, klipschutz, Nicholas P. Oakley, Ursula Pflug, Alou Randon, illustrations by Tobey A. Anderson and Chris Bird and cover art, book design and illustrations by Blair Gauntt. It also features classic stories by Philip K. Dick and E.M. Forster. This premiere volume of AnarchoSF is dedicated to the late, great anarchist prankster and SF writer Mick Farren and features a salute to Mick, along with one of his last short stories.