Obsolete Press

Posted on January 14, 2016


“The Irregular Journal of Post-Reality Social Commentary, Speculative Fiction, Art, Poetry, Anarchism & Eldrich Fanzine Madness” is here!

Moving from a tabloid to a zine format, the new issue is packed with great new and classic material. Going back to our science fiction and punk fanzine roots, this issue explores the idea of “Post-Reality” culture. Experience post-reality it in real-time 3D meatspace with by reading this all-paper zine, with 4 full-color pages!

Isaac Asimov, Christopher Barnes, Ray Cathode, Dave Dugan, Blair Davis Gauntt, Leigha George, John Gill, Tona Hamishige, W. Joe Hoppe, Susie Kahlich, Klipschutz, Ricardo Obsolete, Ursula Pflug, Qojak, Andrea Shriver, Steven Taylor and Craig Volesky.

Obsolete #9
(postage paid)
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