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Posted on June 17, 2013


The latest edition of the OBSOLETE! is hot off the press! The theme of this issue is “Obsolete Media: It’s Alive!”, and features articles on making art with ancient computers, low-power FM radio, “Numbers Stations” and the history of “Dazzle” camouflage. ObMag #8 is also packed with poetry, comics, art and fiction, featuring original work by Mick Farren and an exclusive preview of Christian Schoon’s new SciFi novel Zenn Scarlet.

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Please help support OBSOLETE!

OBSOLETE! Magazine is at a turning point. With the help of supporters like you, we have given away more than 16,000 copies of issues 1-8 over the last 3 years. Unfortunately, the “Free Press” model is no longer sustainable for us. Now, we need to raise some real money to keep the paper alive, and we are putting it in the hands of you, the readers. By using Kickstarter and the “All or Nothing” approach, we will raise the funds to make the next four issues possible– or we will cease to publish in our current format.

You can pledge by going to our Kickstarter page. Rewards include subscriptions to the next four issues, t-shirts, books, newspaper carrier bags and more. If we do not reach our goal, you will not be charged for your pledge.


Because OBSOLETE! is a real, get your fingers dirty newsprint tabloid, we opted for a 60 day Kickstarter campaign to give us time to get papers out on the street and into the hands of our fellow Analog Anarchists. We will go into full swing with promotions on July 11th, but in the mean time, we are offering to mail a sample copy of OBSOLETE! #8, hot off of the presses, to YOU– free of charge. 

Just send us your mailing address with the subject “Sample Copy”, get your free copy of issue #8 and decide for yourself if OBSOLETE! is worth your support. If you decide to pledge at $25 or more (and the campaign is successful) you will receive issues 9-12 delivered to your door.

Thanks everybody! And please, share these updates with your friends. Together, we can keep OBSOLETE! alive!!!

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